Serpent Cove Keep

Welcome to Torvaldsland and Serpent Cove Keep.  The Cove is located midway between Torvaldsberg and Ax Glacier. The only entrance to the Cove is by sea. The Cove is known for building the serpent ships of Torvaldsland and building them well.  The Cove has one major dock for visiting ships, visiting Serpents dock forward one on the left side, one on the right side and Round ships rear of the dock, one left, one right. Once you are on the dock, shipbuilding and repair facilities to your right, warehouses straight ahead and the town and Long House containing the Great Hall to left. Need your Serpent built or repaired head to the shipyard. Crews sleeping and eating Long house by the warehouses. The   town has shops for the ship and personal needs. The Long House and Main Hall is for feasting, drinking, eating, telling of stories.  The High Table is for the Privileged of the Cove, and invited Guests all others sit at the low tables.

The Cove is a Full Capture/kill mirror zone. Simply put if you cannot do it in your home you will not do it here.
The High Jarl is the full and final authority over all role play that take place in the in the Cove
Free Men: are expected to act with respect and honor.
Free Women: You too will act with respect and honor, you will have an escort (NPC ALLOWED). Remember you are allowed to be free simply because men allow it so act accordingly or wear a collar.
Owned:  If your  owner  allows you  here , you ae  welcome,  misbehave and  you will be caged, owner contacted  , given three days to come  get you, failure to  do that and you get the  fantastic Cove collar
Uncollared:  Yes you will automatically get that Cove Collar
Raiders -We observe the PoD rules for raiding.
 Spars and Combat - We use the Prodigy System here. Judgement of spars, open combat, captures, escapes or other acts of aggression will be judged by the Room Leader. If the room leader is involved in said combat, then He will choose a judge. Spar combatants can use a mutually agreed upon judge, if they prefer.
Observers:  add the  ~o~ and come into the  room , contact  a member of the  room and  advised them you are  observing… you may greet as a courtesy but  no  role playing is to be done or you too  will get a Cove  collar
Anonymous:  Those  with  no names or improper ones  will be  advised once and  if they do  not  respond they will be BOOTED! !